Why OfferMeJob.com ?

Employment placement agencies are not alike. OfferMeJob.com stands alone as dedicated and unique in our rigorous commitment to every job placement. We carefully screen every candidate, conduct interviews, reference and background checks, skill assessments and even drug testing (upon request by employers).

The result is superior:

  • Employers save time and money because we only recruit and submit the most qualified candidates.
  • Employees only have to invest in jobs they’re truly qualified for that fit their job preferences.
  • Employers get value for their investment.
  • There is never a fee to applicants.
  • We get it right the first time!

    Our Value Principle: Our Reputation is Built on Integrity

    We have built our success on the value of relationships. When it comes to matching the right person to the right job, we know precisely what each candidate has to offer and what the unique requirements are for each position. Our winning track record demonstrates the effectiveness of our partnership approach.